Victoria Does It Again!

If you haven't heard of Victoria Bampton (a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen) then you need to get acquainted with her immediately! Victoria is one of those rare people who actually cares and helps whenever she can. She is a treasured member of the Lightroom community.

Whenever a new version of Lightroom comes out I wait with great anticipation for the newest version of Victoria's book The Missing FAQ. It's such an indispensable tool that I keep a copy on my desktop for quick and easy reference.'s that good!

Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and it shows on every page of The Missing FAQ. She has been helping Lightroom users since the beginning and really knows how to approach any situation you may be faced with in Lightroom.

You can see the attention to detail on every page. Complicated interfaces are explained thoroughly. Whenever you have a question about what some part of the Lightroom interface does Victoria will explain it in easy to understand terms.

There are many informative charts throughout the book that help you understand the logic behind Lightroom's workflow philosophy. You can also follow the red "Fast Track" arrows for a condensed tour of Lightroom if you are anxious to get up and running as quickly as you can.

Victoria takes the time to explain and illustrate different techniques and how the various sliders impact your images. Several parts of the book invite you to "try it with me" so you can learn these skills quickly.

The book is available as an eBook for $31.95 or an eBook and full color printed version combination for $46.95. Previous versions paperback copies were only available in black and white so this is another improvement. There are other sources (such as Amazon) but the best deal is directly from Victoria's site.

For me, Victoria's book is a key part of Lightroom. Adobe should just include it with every copy and pay her a handsome sum! You really need to take a look at The Missing FAQ and while you're at it sign up for Victoria's newsletter. You won't be disappointed.