Before/After - A New Video Series from Photography Concentrate

You need a bookshelf. So you go to a large discount retailer near you and find a nice one. It comes in a box marked "Assembly Required." The next thing you know you have panels, shelves, and 122 assorted bits of hardware strewn across your floor while you ponder the mysteries of the instructions sheet.

If you actually want a functional bookshelf then there isn't much room for creativity in this exercise. Bolt 24a attaches side panel C to shelf 2. Step by step. No deviations.

But photography and Lightroom aren't like that. Sure, there are some things that need to be done in a certain order to get a certain result, but you are free to explore and tinker and adjust. Sometimes, though, you just want to see how someone else approaches the process.

There are a lot of courses and books that will teach you Lightroom. While you will have all the skills you need, in the end you may not know where and in what order to apply them. That's where a video series like Photography Concentrate's new Before/After: Transforming Photos from Bland Before to Amazing After With Lightroom comes in.

In these eleven video lessons, Rob Lim let's you "look over his shoulder" as he take you from start to finish...from before to after. You'll be able to see different skills used for different photos and get a sense of how all of these tools you've learned about work together.

I really enjoy this type of video learning. It gives me a sense of sitting down with a friend and talking about creative ways to approach a photographic problem. It helps that Rob is very personable and has a style that will immediately put you at ease.

This may be the video series that puts it all together for you. If you're already skilled with Lightroom you might find some fresh approaches here. In either case I recommend you have a look.

The video series is available for $18.95.

I enjoyed watching these videos and I hope you do too!