Bēcreative. Bēsocial. Bēhance!

It can be said that a great deal of inspiration comes from collaboration. But, how do you find other creatives to talk with and get suggestions from? There are a ton of social media sites for sure. Finding like minded creatives can take some time though. That's where Bēhance comes in.

Bēhance is the leading free online platform to showcase & discover creative work. As a member, you can create a portfolio of your work and broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. You can now share work directly to Bēhance from the Creative Cloud and select Adobe tools.

  • Bēhance is free - upload unlimited projects into your portfolio
  • Find people you know, or discover top creatives in your field
  • Track portfolio stats like who is appreciating your work, project views, comments, and more
  • Share what you’re working on from Creative Cloud or Photoshop to Bēhance as Work-in-Progress
  • Download Bēhance for iPhone to discover creative work and track activity & notifications on the go
  • Download the Creative Portfolio app to showcase your portfolio anywhere (even without internet connection)

Take a look at Paul Trani's explanation of Bēhance.

Lightroom works with Bēhance via the built in Publish Service. Click the Bēhance Publish Service in the Library Module to set it up.

You will get the usual Publish Service setup dialog. Here you can sign in if you have an account or sign up for one directly from the dialog.

Once you've set up your options and activated the Publish Service you will see the Work In Progress folder under the Bēhance Publish service.

Drag and drop your images here (just like any other Publish Service).

Each image becomes a separate WIP (Work In Progress). When you're ready press the Publish button.

For each image you can set the title, tags, comments, and visibility.

Back in the Publish service collection there are two ways to get to your WIPs.

The link (1) next to the Publish button will take you to your Work In Progress section on Bēhance. Right clicking on an image and choosing Go to Published Photo (2) will take you directly to that WIP on Bēhance.

As you can see, the title (1), comment (2), revisions (3), and tags (4) you set up in Lightroom appear on the Bēhance site. You can add revision from the site or by making changes in Lightroom and republishing. Each time you republish a new revision is added to the WIP for that image.

The integration between Lightroom (and other Creative Cloud applications) and Bēhance makes it easy to get started. There are many other aspects to Bēhance that make it a rich environment for creatives.

Jan Kabili, in her lynda.com course covered the Lightroom Bēhance connection very well. Here is the video.

If you'd like to see the entire course (and it is well worth it) you can try a free 7 day pass to lynda.com by clicking here.

I hope you get involved on Bēhance and get inspired! Let me know when you do. I'd love to see what you're up to.