Learning Couples Photography


The good folks over at SLR Lounge gave me the opportunity to watch another of their fine workshops. Last time I had fun watching their HDR workshop (see Learn HDR with SLR Lounge). I have a lot of experience with HDR and still learned some things from SLR Lounge. Since I don't do much couples portraiture I was particularly interested in the Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop. The introduction video below is a great place to start.

This workshop is taught by Pye Jirsa (A.K.A. Post Production Pye). He is very good at leading you through all the different parts of the workshop. There are actually two separate parts to the workshop. Part One deals with the actual couples shoot. Here is an outline of Part One:

  • Introduction
  • Advice, Gear & Settings
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Posing/Communication
  • The Foundation Poses
  • The Willow Tree
  • The Bike Ride
  • The Grassy Hill
  • The Sunset Ridge
  • Conclusion

The approach Pye takes is to talk with you about a technique and then take you along on a shoot to see how that technique is put into action. I find this a very easy way to visualize and learn new skills. There is a lot of emphasis on posing, settings, and, most importantly, how to handle your client and get the most from them. This is great stuff!

Part Two brings you back to the studio for post-production. Here Pye walks you through what to do with the images you captured during the couples session. Take a look at the outline for Part Two:

  • Introduction
  • The Foundation Poses
  • The Willow Bench
  • The Willow Picnic
  • The Bike Ride
  • Walking on the Field
  • The Field Picnic
  • The Silly Field Portraits
  • The Field Portraits
  • Cliff Side Portraits
  • Conclusion

I enjoyed this workshop. Part One taught me quite a bit and helped me understand what goes into a full blown couples portraiture session. Part Two was well presented and I didn't see any problems in Pye's post production techniques. If you need some pointers or want to get started in couples portraiture this would be a good place to start. Pop on over to SLR Lounge's site and read more about the Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop