Learn to Push Light with Piet Van den Eynde's New Book

Piet Van den Eynde has released a new book through Craft and Vision calls Pushing Light: Extending Dynamic Range with HDR and Other Techniques. I enjoy reading Piet's books and always learn something from them. His latest offering is no exception.

As with all of Craft and Vision's books, this is beautifully formatted and easy to read.


Piet's writing style is entertaining and informative. He covers each topic with enough depth to get you started. There are more than enough screenshots and illustrations to keep you on target and help you learn a new technique.

This is more that just a book on HDR.[1] Piet covers a range of techniques for extending the dynamic range of your images. Take a look at the table of contents to see what I mean.

  • Introduction
  • In-camera Dynamic Range Boosting: The Example of Fujifilm and Nikon
  • Using Graduated Filters
  • Case Study: Landscape Photographer Bart Heirweg
  • Using Fill Flash and Reflectors to Manage Extreme Contrasts in a Scene
  • Getting the Most Out of a Single (Raw) File: The Basic Panel
  • Getting the Most Out of a Single (Raw) File: Beyond the Basic Panel
  • Multi-image Techniques: Layer Masking in Photoshop
  • Case Study: Magnum Photographer Carl De Keyzer
  • Case Study: Architectural Photographer Toon Grobet
  • HDRI: High Dynamic Range Imaging
  • Case Study: Fernando Gros
  • Specialized HDR Techniques: Case Studies

In addition to the text Piet includes several video tutorials to further illustrate the techniques. You'll find these videos throughout the book. (Wherever you see the PLAY> button.)


Piet also includes several Case Studies in which other photographers walk through some of their workflows for extending dynamic range.

All in all this is an excellent introduction to high dynamic range. It is well worth the $10 price tag!

  1. For more information on learning HDR take a look at my recent post Learn HDR with SLR Lounge  ↩