Organize Your Catalog with Peter Krogh's New Book


A couple of years ago I wrote an article on Organizing Your Images in Lightroom. I referenced two extremely useful resources: Peter Krogh’s The DAM Book and While these resources continue to be essential tools they are not specifically directed at Lightroom users.[1]

Peter has recently released a new Lightroom specific book, The DAM Book Workflow Guide to Organizing your Photos with Lightroom 5! If you are a Lightroom user and want to really take advantage of the wealth of organizational tools that Lightroom offers then this book is for you.


The DAM Book Workflow Guide to Organizing your Photos with Lightroom 5 is more than just a book. Described as a multimedia eBook it consists of a 208 page PDF and over 7 hours of video tutorials.[2] Here is what Peter has to say about the format:

The DAM Book Guide to Organizing Your Photos with Lightroom 5 breaks the process of organization down into to three simple parts: Storing the Photos, Tagging the Photos and Creating Projects. Using this simple structure, you can understand how to use Lightroom’s tools in ways that are both simple and powerful.

With this multimedia eBook, I can combine the best of books and video instruction in one resource. Each idea or set of steps is immediately illustrated with a short video that shows the idea in action. The video makes it easy to understand how a process works. And the text allows you to quickly reference the steps as you put them into practice yourself.[3]

This is a beautifully designed book that is jam-packed with information. The chapter headings give you a hint of what’s in store:

  • Chapter 1: Store, Tag, Create
  • Chapter 2: The Lightroom Catalog
  • Chapter 3: Photo Storage
  • Chapter 4: Finding & Filtering with Tags
  • Chapter 5: Keywords
  • Chapter 6: Metadata Presets
  • Chapter 7: Location Tags
  • Chapter 8: Collections and Projects
  • Chapter 9: Using Publish Services
  • Chapter 10: Managing Derivative Files

I particularly enjoyed the last three chapters since I am still struggling with a coherent workflow around these issues.

Whether you are new to Lightroom or a seasoned veteran you will find things here you can use. I heartily recommend you take a look!

If you are trying to juggle multiple Lightroom catalogs (I’ve warned you to only have one Catalog LOL) then have a look at Peter’s earlier book The DAM Book Workflow Guide to Multi-Catalog Workflow with Lightroom 5.

So get yourself on over to The DAM Book site and start organizing!

  1. Both Peter’s book and dpBestflow do make some references to Lightroom but Lightroom users must adapt them for complete workflows.  ↩

  2. To view the videos by clicking the links in the PDF you will need to be reading it in Acrobat or Adobe Reader on a computer. The links don’t function when viewing the PDF on a tablet.  ↩

  3. From the description on the book’s product page.  ↩