David duChemin's Visual Toolbox


I have been on a reading kick of late. And I can't help telling all of you about some of the wonderful things I've found. The Visual Toolbox is one of those!

The Visual Toolbox: 50 Lessons for Stronger Photographs is a chance to take your photography back to basics. An opportunity to examine your craft from the ground up. David duChemin will challenge you with 50 lessons covering all of the aspects of making stronger photographs. It will be hard work but worth it. Here is some of what David has to say in the introduction:

Just as you will become no better an artist or craftsman merely by the purchase or use of a new tool, neither will you become so with new knowledge. You will read nothing in this book that proves to be a magic wand or secret formula of any kind. Some of the lessons will seem basic. They are. But don't dismiss them. You will not get better at this craft with merely a passing familiarity with the basics. Head knowledge will not get you any closer to mastery. It is in performing the basics over and over again that you will find they become intuitive, that suddenly you're speaking this language fluently and creating not just dry prose, but poetry that moves the heart, visually speaking. Mastery doesn't come quickly, and after nearly 30 years I see it more as a journey than a destination—it comes incrementally with practice. There is no secret thing you will learn here or anywhere else, except this: study, practice, and don't forget that your most important assets as an artist are imagination, passion, patience, receptivity, curiosity, and a dogged refusal to follow the rules.

Not only is David's advice sound, his style of writing draws you in and motivates you to create better images. Each lesson walks you through another fundamental principle. Some will be review and others may be new to you.

As with all Craft & Vision eBooks, this is beautifully designed and includes some stunning images.


Many of the lessons finish with assignments to guide you in applying the techniques from that lesson. The folks at Craft & Vision were kind enough to send me a pre-release copy and I enjoyed reading it. Now I'm looking forward to re-reading it and working through the lessons.

I recommend this eBook to anyone who wants to better their photography skills. But be warned...you will have to rediscover the manual setting on your camera!

The retail price of The Visual Toolbox is $20 but you can use the promotional code TOOLBOX when you check out so you pay only $17 OR you can use the code TOOLBOX20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more products from the Craft & Vision collection. These codes expire at 11:59 PM (PST) September 17, 2013 SO DON'T WAIT TOO LONG!