A New Lightroom Resource

One of the things I like most about the Lightroom community is how it grows and changes. Lightroom users just love to share their knowledge and discoveries with all of us. We all benefit from that collegial attitude and it fosters a true sense of community. Keeping with that spirit there is a new Lightroom resource for you to add to your list: Lightroom 101.

Lightroom 101 is run by Scott Prokop, a photographer and Lightroom teacher in Saskatoon, Canada. Scott launched the site only a few short weeks ago. I had an opportunity to talk with Scott about his new site. He is enthusiastic about sharing his experience with the community. While the site is new I encourage you to stop by and let Scott know what you'd like to see and hear about. I am confident that Lightroom 101 will grow into a valuable resource for the Lightroom community and you have the chance to help out.

You can also follow Scott's endeavors on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.