Take a Look at color-shop


In the past few months I've had some great conversations with the folks behind color-shop. They are bringing some really nice presets, brushes, and tools for Lightroom to the community. If you haven't heard about them here is a quote from their site:

color-shop was born in 2008, as an internal initiative in a photography production company, to collect all our post production and workflow tools in one place. We wanted an easier way to access and share all the editing tools and resources online within our team, as we were frequently travelling the world photographing. It then developed into a business idea, to fund the time we spend in developing workflow tools and grew from there.

All the photography on our site has been photographed and produced by our team of creatives within photography, retouching and graphic design and we have all attended art school and have bachelor degrees in our respective trades. Our color treatments have been used in a range of fashion & advertising campaigns and have been widely published in magazine editorials worldwide.

The color-shop collections come with our most loved Lightroom and Camera Raw (Acr) presets, covering all genres of photography. We have also recently developed retouching brushes for Lightroom, making it possible to retouch directly onto your raw images. It’s a major time saver, as well as keeping the maximum file quality and file size down.

We are here to share all our knowledge and to keep you up to date with all the new photography related software and gear, and hopefully inspire and educate!

They are our currently featured site so stop by and have a look around. I'd also recommend a visit to their facebook page since there is even more information available there.


The folks at color-shop have offered Lightroom Secrets readers a 50% discount on their new Natural Light preset Collection for Lightroom and ACR. The Promo Code is LightroomSecrets50percentNaturalLight and you can get to the Natural Light preset Collection at  http://www.color-shop.co/products-page/lightroom-presets/lightroom-presets-natural-light-photography/ The code is valid for two weeks (ends July 21st) so don't delay!