A Cautionary Tale

Back in May 2011 I posted an article about mind mapping and photography (Lost? Try Using a Map!). In that article I recommended a few mind mapping applications that you could use. One of the recommendations was XMind. I still recommend it for mind mapping but want to alert you to an issue a reader brought to my attention.

I received an email from a reader who had chosen XMind as her mind mapping application after reading my article. She downloaded and installed the application. The next time she went to work in Lightroom and Photoshop she discovered that all of her XMP files now appeared as XMind Marker Packages! Naturally she was concerned that all of that XMP data was now corrupted or lost. We worked through the issue and reassigned the default application for XMP files back to Photoshop and all was well. You can choose the default application for any file via Mac's Finder (click here for Mac instructions) or Windows' Explorer (click here for Windows instructions).

No harm had been done but the experience was upsetting. XMind should have asked permission before commandeering the XMP file format as its own. So while I still recommend XMind as a good mind mapping application be aware that it will take over your XMP files and you will have to reassign the default application back.

I have notified the XMind folks of their faux pas and asked them to address the issue.