Take a Lightroom 4 Workshop on Video

If you haven't had the pleasure of attending one of Laura Shoe's training workshops in person here is the next best thing!

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4: The Fundamentals and Beyond you can take a 55 video, 10 ½ hour tour through all of the great features of the latest version of Lightroom. Laura was kind enough to send me a copy for review. I have to say that I enjoyed every bit of it. Even knowing Lightroom rather well, I learned a few new things. Laura is an excellent teacher and the time will fly by. When you're done you'll wish there were more videos! (You will get your wish since Laura is currently working on the next series that will deal with the output modules in Lightroom 4! Stay tuned to Laura's site for more information on that.)

If you are still using Lightroom 3 Laura has a companion series for that version which she's updated since I reviewed it last year.

So what does Laura cover in this workshop? Pretty much everything except the output modules. Here's just a sampling of some of the topics:

  • Introduction to Lightroom
  • Organizing and Backing Up
  • Importing from drives and cards
  • Moving from Photoshop Elements to Lightroom
  • Catalog, File, and Folder management
  • Raw and DNG
  • Catalog settings and preferences
  • Evaluating your images
  • Keywords
  • Searching
  • Collections
  • Map module mojo
  • The Develop module
  • Histogram, tools, and panels
  • Process versions
  • Black and White plus Split-Toning
  • Soft Proofing
  • Snapshots and Virtual Copies
  • Exporting and emailing images
  • Watermarks
  • Publish Services
  • Video
  • External editors
  • And more…

That is just a small list. There is so much more here. I would particularly point you to my all-time favorite video in the series, 07-Import-from-Elements. In this video my Mac makes a guest appearance and Laura is kind enough to tell you all about Lightroom Secrets and my new book Explore Lightroom 4: A Roadmap for Photographers. (Thanks, Laura!)

Still not convinced? Here is a sample video from the workshop.


The entire workshop is available as a download for only $49.95. If you'd prefer a DVD that's available for $57.95. Either way, it's money well spent. Oh, and while you're over at Laura's site make sure you sign up for her handy and informative email updates. There's a signup box in the right sidebar.