An Ingenious Approach to Video in Lightroom 4 Beta

One of the exciting new features in Lightroom 4 Beta is its enhanced video capabilities! If you've had a chance to play with this feature you have already discovered that a few of the adjustments for video are only contained in the Develop module. This presents a problem since video itself is not supported directly in the Develop module. The current solution to this mentioned on the many sites covering Lightroom is to take a still from the video, bring that into the Develop module, and apply the additional adjustments to that still image. Once you are satisfied with the result you can create a preset. Back in the Library module you can now apply that preset to your video. Then, those settings only available in Develop will be applied to your video.

This is a great workaround. However, Sean McCormack has come up with an even better solution. It is quicker and more elegant. In fact, it's rather ingenious! Well, I won't spoil the surprise. Head on over to Sean's article on the Lightroom Blog and watch the video. I think you'll be impressed too!

Thanks Sean!

On another note - Sean has been hard at work updating his excellent plugins for Lightroom 4 Beta. Check them out at