Take A Look At Laura Shoe's New Lightroom Fundamentals Workshop


If you have spent any time over at Adobe Lightroom's help site then Laura's name might be familiar to you. She is one of my fellow Moderators there and devotes a great deal of time helping users. Aside from that, Laura is quite active in a number of pursuits from fine art photography to teaching workshops. Based in the Seattle area, Laura teaches there as well as conducting classes at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and the Photographic Center Northwest. She is a consummate teacher and has a wonderful ability to make obscure concepts very clear!

If you cannot make your way to Seattle or Montana don't despair! Laura has recently released a 6 1/2 hour workshop on Lightroom Fundamentals! You can find out more about it at her site. If you are a beginning or intermediate level Lightroom user then this course has something for you. The workshop concentrates on the Library and Develop modules. Laura covers these in detail and the accompanying guide indicates which lessons are most important for the beginner to watch first if they don't have the time to watch all 6 1/2 hours in order. I recommend you visit Laura's site and read more about the workshop. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Although the course has DVD in the title it is available for download as well as on DVD. The DVD costs $56.95 and the download is $49.95. Considering the cost of full day workshops, this is well worth the price.