Another Planet in the Photoverse!

I am excited (and a bit humbled) to announce that Lightroom Secrets is now available through the Photoverse app from Kolekse for your iPhone and/or iPad (coming soon to an Android device near you!)

Kolekse LLC is a software company based out of Northern California specializing in developing mobile applications for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms in photography and related fields.

Photoverse is a news application dedicated to the world of photography. You can read more about it at Kolekse's site. Here is how they describe it:

As photographers, we find that we are in a constant search to gather information that is photography related, be it reviews of the latest gear that we have been wanting to buy or tips and tricks to take you further along into becoming a better photographer. We too have spent hours browsing multiple websites and blogs to glean the information that we want. And that was how Photoverse was born.

Photoverse collects information from multiple news sources and blogs related to photography, pools them and presents them to you in an easy to read scrollable list. It enables you to can choose the view you want to see, be it from a single news source or blog or a time-sorted collection from multiple sources that you can select. All pages are rendered locally within a web view so that you never have to leave the application. Photoverse also allows you to share any interesting article you read via twitter, facebook or email. It even allows you to bookmark articles for later perusal.

You can find Lightroom Secrets in the Postprocessing section.

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When you choose any of the sites listed you will switch to a list of the most recent articles from that site.

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Photoverse has quite a few great features. You can let the latest articles from the entire Photoverse scroll in under the Most Recent section. There are featured sites available. And you can even set up your own list of favorite sites should you want to cut down on the amount of information you see.

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Photoverse is designed to work on both your iPhone and your iPad. At a mere 99 cents it a well worth a look! Go to the App Store and check it out!

Thanks, Kolekse, for including Lightroom Secrets in the Photoverse!