Free Goodies from onOne

In most cases the old adage "If it's too good to be probably isn't!" applies. However, in the case of onOne Software this maxim does not apply!

Even if you have never used any of onOne's great plugins you can take advantage of their small treasure chest of free products. There's a free edition of PhotoTools 2.5 with 26 actions and effects. Or perhaps you want to add some edges or textures to your work? There is a free edition of PhotoFrame 4.5 with 30 edges, textures, backgrounds, adornments, and even a few album layout templates!

Not enough? An ever-expanding collection of free Photoshop Album templates, layouts, backgrounds and textures awaits you.

If you like to experiment with using presets in your workflow one of the best of the free items at onOne is a three volume collection of presets for Lightroom! (there are even versions for Camera Raw and Aperture) There are over 190 presets available for Lightroom 1, 2 or 3. (Versions prior to 3.0 will not be able to access all of the presets, however. But, hey, their FREE remember!)

Volumes 1 and 2 were created by Photographer and Photoshop Hall of Fame winner Jack Davis and include:

  • 8 White Balance presets
  • 11 Tone Curve presets
  • 4 Vibrance presets
  • 18 HSL presets
  • 12 Black & White presets
  • 5 Warm Tinting presets
  • 5 Cool Tinting presets
  • 16 Vignette presets
  • 10 Antique presets
  • 10 Edgy presets
  • 10 Glow presets
  • 20 Gradient presets
  • 10 Local Adjustment Tools

Back in 2007 I did an article on Jack's WOW set of free presets. He has expanded on them since!

Volume 3 from the team at onOne includes Lightroom 3 specific presets:

  • Auto > Brightness - Sets the brightness automatically
  • Auto > Contrast - Sets the contrast automatically
  • Auto > Exposure - Sets the exposure automatically
  • Auto > Tone - Sets the tone automatically
  • Auto > White Balance - Sets the white balance (color) automatically
  • B&W - Used to convert a color image to black and white
  • Brilliant Blue Skies - Enhances the blue color of skies
  • Clarity - Increases the clarity, or mid-tone contrast of the image
  • I'm Mr. Brightside - Adds a bright, colorful spring time feel
  • Mocha - Creates a warm black and white look
  • Noise Reduction - Use this to decrease noise from high-ISO images
  • Old Style - A reduced color look reminiscent of ages photos
  • Sharpen - Increases the sharpness
  • Super Shadow Saver - Great for underexposed images, this preset brightens the shadows
  • The Dark Side - Darkens the image for a grunge look
  • Under Tint - A bright grungy look with a hint of color
  • Vignette - Darkens the corners of the image
  • Warm - Adds a touch of warmth, like an 85A filter

When you install these presets you will see three new preset collections in the Develop module (one for each volume). There are tutorials and videos available at onOne to help you learn how these presets are used in a workflow. All of this for the grand price of FREE!!! Even if you've never used presets before give it a try. If you don't like them there is an uninstall program to easily remove them.

So head on over to onOne and get some free stuff!