Super Photo Editing Skills Tutorial Available

Rob and Lauren over at Photography Concentrate were excited to send me their latest Lightroom tutorial Super Photo Editing Skills for review. I was happy to oblige having seen and reviewed some of their prior offerings. Before we get to the review, however, I have to say that Rob and Lauren are among the nicest people you will meet out there in cyberspace! The About section of their site says it all...

We are two professional photographers who think this is the best job in the universe. We like it so much, in fact, that we want to help other people do it, so they can be super happy too.

This tutorial is presented by Rob. While he bills it as a tutorial it is much more that that. It's really a Workshop-in-a-Download as far as I'm concerned. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these videos and following along. Rob's style is relaxed and entertaining. The content is professional and covers quite a bit of ground. Here's is a sample of one of the shorter videos (I've adapted the size and quality a bit for bandwidth purposes).

[flv width="600" height="338"][/flv]

So why do I call this a Workshop-in-a-Download? Because it is more than just a set of videos on Lightroom. This is what is included:

  • Over 3 hours of Quickstart videos cover the basics of Lightroom from setting it up to importing, organizing, developing, and exporting
  • More than an 1 1/2 hours of Advanced videos on topics such as workflow, Black & White conversion techniques, tricky color situations, and so on
  • Another 1 1/2 hours of Bonus videos covering tricky shots, creative effects, organizational tips, etc.
  • A 40 page Photo Editing Field Guide
  • A 17 page Editing Style Field Guide
  • 23 Color Presets
  • 27 Black and White Presets
  • Essential Keyboard Shortcut cheatsheet (Mac and PC)
  • Raw files of the images used in the videos so you can follow along

The videos are supplied in both a larger format for viewing on your computer and a full set of iPad compatible videos.  All in all I thought this an excellent workshop and would definitely recommend it for both beginner and intermediate level Lightroom users.

The Workshop is available for an introductory price of $79.95 (full price will eventually be $94.95). Click here for more details. Lightroom Secrets readers can save an additional $10 until April 30, 2011 by using the code LS2011!!!

I enjoyed this Workshop-in-a-Download and I think you will too!