100 Tips From Dan Moughamian

Lightroom is such a great application (and getting better all the time) that we can sometimes forget there are other applications to assist us in our workflow. That's where Dan Moughamian's new book Adobe DIgital Imaging HOW-TOs comes in.

Dan's book gives us 100 tips. But it's not just for Lightroom. The subtitle says it all: 100 Essential Techniques for Photoshop CS5, Lightroom 3, and Camera Raw 6. Let's face it, even with all of Lightroom's power we do need to go out to Photoshop on occasion. Most books miss this part of the workflow. Either they are Lightroom books or they are Photoshop books but rarely are they both. Dan's book is that essential bridge (pardon the pun) between these applications. So why buy two books when you can buy one?

The book divides the tips into logical chapter groups.

  1. Getting Organized with Lightroom 3 (tips 1—17)
  2. Developing Raw Photos (tips 18—40)
  3. Lightroom 3 Output Hints (tips 41—49)
  4. Perfecting Images in Photoshop CS5 (tips 50—100)

All of the tips are straight forward and to the point. Each is well illustrated and only takes a few pages. I found this book to be a great read and set up to be a wonderful resource. You know those times you wondered, or tried to remember, how to do this thing or change that thing. Well, just pick up Dan's book and it's probably sitting right there waiting to help you.

If you don't already know Dan, here is a bit about him from the book:

Dan Moughamian has nearly two decades of experience working with Adobe applications, including more than 16 years with Photoshop. As a fine art photographer, professional instructor, and a veteran of the Adobe alpha and beta testing programs, Dan brings a unique and fresh perspective to digital imaging workflows. His recent training titles include several video tutorials for CS5 and Lightroom 3: Retouching & Image Adjustment with Photoshop CS5, Core Lightroom 3, and Mastering Camera Raw 6. He has also authored feature articles for PhotoTechnique Magazine. You can follow Dan on Twitter @Colortrails.

If you are looking for a good book and great desk reference take a look at Adobe DIgital Imaging HOW-TOs. I recommend it!