Get Your Data in the Cloud Today

Let's face it. We use Lightroom to keep track of our ever growing collection of images. We spend a great deal of time organizing and perfecting our images. If we are smart, we backup our work. If we are really smart our backup is offsite to guard against the worst.

Well, you can't get more offsite that the cloud. But it can be quite confusing getting into a solid cloud storage solution. There are lots of avenues and products. All with different costs and complications. Don't you just wish someone would just sit you down and explain it to you? Just show you how to get set up and start incorporating this cloud thing into your workflow? Your wish has been granted. Brandon Oelling and X-Equals have released a new eBook called Living in the Cloud—Offsite Storage for Photographers.

Brandon was kind enough to provide me with a copy for review. Here's what I found. Living in the Cloud—Offsite Storage for Photographers delivers on its promise. Its pages are full of detailed screenshots so you can follow along as you are guided through setup, configuration, and deployment of your cloud based storage solution. I found it very easy to implement the process outlined in the book.

I was disappointed by the discussion of what the cost of this solution is. That section could use more detail and would benefit from a concrete example comparing the cloud solution to another backup method. A link is provided to an online cost calculator but that leaves the reader to discover the cost of cloud storage with nothing to compare it to.

Overall I would recommend this ebook to any professional or serious enthusiast who wants to learn how to set up a cloud based solution. If you'd like to see more before buying, X-Equals offers a free download of the first chapter. It's definitely worth a look!