The Missing FAQ

Victoria Bampton a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen has done it again! Hot on the heels of the final release of Lightroom 3, Victoria has published an updated and expanded version of her excellent book.

If you buy only one Lightroom book then Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 — The Missing FAQ should be it. Unlike other Lightroom books, this one takes the approach of answering users' questions. Chances are, if you have a question, someone has already asked it and Victoria has answered it. I keep the PDF always ready on my Mac. If history is any indicator then version 3 will become as indispensable as versions 1 and 2 have been! If you haven't upgraded to Lightroom 3 yet I'd still recommend you get the book that matches your version.

Because of the question and answer format Victoria has chosen, reading the book is like having a conversation. You immediately fall into the role of the user asking these questions and Victoria's straight-forward answers get right to the point instead of overwhelming you with an unending stream of prose and pontification. It's relaxed, educational, and great fun to read!

The book is available as a color PDF and a B&W paperback. Take a look at just a few of the topics covered and I think you'll agree that this is the book to have.

  • Can I use Lightroom on JPEG files as well as raw files?
  • If I can use all of Lightroom’s controls on JPEG files, why would I want to shoot in my camera’s raw file format?
  • If I shoot raw, can Lightroom understand the camera settings?
  • Why do the folders keep jumping around and what is Docking?
  • Can I use the operating system dialog to navigate to a folder instead of using Lightroom’s Source panel?
  • Can I save favorite folders?
  • Should I convert to DNG?
  • Do I lose quality when converting to DNG?
  • If I convert to DNG, can I convert back to the proprietary raw file format again?
  • How are Collections different from Folders?
  • How do I organize my collections into collection sets?
  • How do I add photos to a collection?
  • Why do my raw photos change color? When the first preview appears, it looks just like it did on the camera—how do I stop it changing?
  • I set my camera to black & white. Why is Lightroom changing them back to color?
  • How do other programs like iView, PhotoMechanic, Apple’s Preview, Windows Explorer, Breezebrowser, etc., get it right?

If you are still skeptical don't take my word for it. Victoria has tons of excerpts from the book available on her site. Click here to check them out and see for yourself how great this book is!