Spotlight: Anita Dennis

Anita's name may not be familiar to you but I bet that she's helped you more than once! Whether you are new to Lightroom or have been using it for some time chances are you've seen Anita's handiwork! Every time you invoke the Help feature in Lightroom -- there's Anita!

Anita is one of the driving forces behind Lightroom's Community Help. She is always gathering input from the community, tweaking articles to make them clearer, updating links, clearing out old help items, and on and on and on.

I asked Anita to tell us a little about herself and here's what she had to say...

I've always appreciated great photography, but I never produced great photographs myself, and never thought I could, until Lightroom.

I've been a journalist, tech writer, and editor for more than 20 years, for newspapers, magazines, books, websites, and more. I joined the Adobe Learning Resources team as the doc writer for Lightroom 2. Since starting to work with Lightroom, I've gone from capturing JPEGs with a point-and-shoot Nikon CoolPix P4 to capturing raw photos with a Nikon D70 and making them look halfway decent. (They impress my friends and family, at least.) Being able to write and play with pictures all day, become a subject matter expert in Lightroom, what a great job.

Another part of the job that I love is bringing software documentation into the 21st century through Adobe Community Help. If you haven't explored Adobe Community Help, you should. It offers access to up-to-date product documentation as well as to community-created learning content from around the web. Features like expert-moderated comments (thanks, Gene), user ratings, and a custom Google search engine with advanced search options make it easier for you to find answers to your learning questions. Here isLightroom 2 Community Help and here is Lightroom 3 Beta Community Help. At Lightroom 3 Beta Community Help, you can also download and test-drive our new Community Help AIR viewer. Check it out and let us know what you think. Share you feedback on the Community Help Forum.

One of the measures of great software is the depth and breadth of its help feature. Anita's efforts go a long way in making Lightroom the great application it is! Thanks Anita!