Spotlight: Jeffrey Friedl

Lightroom has many many features but there are still things it cannot do out of the box. Luckily, Adobe anticipated this and provided an SDK (Software Developer Kit) to allow third party developers to create plugins that can enhance Lightroom's feature set. If you've ever come across the need for a third party plugin then changes are you already know Jeffrey Friedl.

Jeffrey is on a very very short list of people whose names come to mind when you say Lightroom Plugin. He is one of the most prolific plugin developers for Lightroom. An excellent photographer in his own right, Jeffrey develops Lightroom plugins as a hobby! And the Lightroom community is certainly grateful for it!

Here is some background from Jeffrey's site:

I enjoy researching a subject of personal interest, and then, because I occasionally stumble across an ability to write well, sharing the results. Examples include my long writeup on digital image color spaces and the autofocus test chart that I developed. (See all in my list of geeky photo-tech posts.)

I also seem to have become the main provider of export plugins for Adobe Lightroom, such as my plugins that allow direct export to Zenfolio, Flickr, SmugMug, PicasaWeb (with Facebook and more on the way for Lightroom 2.0) — see my Lightroom Goodies page for current details. I develop these on my own time, as a hobby, which is perhaps a bit odd because I don't actually use any of these photo-hosting services myself.

Occasionally in response to my camera-tech writing, and much more after I released my plugins, I have been surprised to find how many people wanted to make a donation to thank me for my time and efforts. Like I said, I do all this as a hobby, so donations or payment are not required (nor is my reply to your support request ), but I've finally succumbed and set up a PayPal account. Donations are still not required, but if provided, are gratefully accepted.

Jeffrey currently has the following enhancements available for Lightroom:

“Export To...” Uploading Plugins:

Export-Filter Plugins:

Geoencoding-Related Plugins:

Utility Plugins, Etc.:

Plugin-related Info:

Tools for Lightroom:

Jeffrey has set up a registration system for his plugins using PayPal. You only need to pay as little as one cent (which he doesn't get because of PayPal fees) but which provides a registration code. Of course you can try any of them for free they will limit themselves after the trial period without registration.

While you can get registration codes for a penny I really encourage you to make a significantly higher donation. These plugins are extremely useful and masterfully crafted!

Even if you don't use any of Jeffrey's plugins stop by his blog or subscribe to his feed. He always has something interesting to say and his photography is great!

Thanks, Jeffrey, for all you do for the Lightroom Community!