Rule 5 and the Play Catalog

The first time you installed Lightroom you were presented with The Five Rules. They were there in Lightroom 1, are still there in Lightroom 2, and can even be seen in the help menu of Lightroom 3 Beta. If you remember anything you should remember Rule 5.

What is Rule 5? The simple and elegant reminder to ENJOY. That's right! Enjoy. We spend a lot of time practicing our art. Reading blogs and books to learn more about how to hone that craft. Laboring over our images. Striving for artistic perfection. And on and on and on...

Sometimes we lose sight of why we started down this path. Our passion can turn into drudgery if we're not careful. Hence, the ever present reminder of Rule 5. Enjoy. So to that end I suggest you create what I call a play catalog.

The play catalog is just a place where you can try new techniques with out pressure or guilt. Just through copies of some image files into a folder and import then into a new catalog. Call it PLAY or FUN or ROGER-THE-SHRUBBER. Whatever you want so you know it's not serious work.

Now when you come across an interesting technique you can go and play with it without worrying about damaging anything. You might even be tempted to to come up with some new killer tips of your own! The important thing is to have fun.

So remember Rule 5, create that play catalog and ENJOY!!!