Spotlight: Victoria Bampton

Bampton300sq.jpgIt isn't often that one gets to interact with royalty. Lightroom or otherwise. Victoria Bampton a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen is one of the go to people in the Lightroom Community.

You can find Victoria roaming around over at Lightroom Forums where she is the #1 contributor (well over 6,000 posts at this writing). She is always ready to help fellow Lightroomers in distress with thoughtful and in-depth answers. Over at her site, The Lightroom Queen, you can read Victoria's blog and download some excellent shortcut references for Lightroom. I keep this list on my desktop for frequent reference!

Also always on my desktop for easy retrieval is Victoria's book Adobe Lightroom 2 - The Missing FAQ. You really need to take a look at this book. Unlike all the other Lightroom books I've used, Victoria has taken the Question and Answer approach. Instead of walking through Lightroom from Library through Web, she answers questions raised by real users. I find this invaluable. Whether you are a seasoned Lightroom user or you've just fired up LR for the first time, this is the book you need to have!

While Victoria isn't coming to the aid of Lightroom users worldwide she can be found running her company Photoshop Services. If you need RAW processing or retouching work done stop on by! Although she is based in the UK, the magic of the internet makes her services available to you wherever you are.

Thanks Victoria! Your contributions to the community are greatly appreciated!