Getting to Your iPhoto Images - Snow Leopard Update

A while ago I wrote about Moving Your Images From iPhoto to Lightroom. A reader, Tom, pointed out a neat feature in Snow Leopard that allows you to directly access the contents of your iPhoto Library.

When importing, the Finder shows a new section on the sidebar called Media. Click that to reveal, among other things, the complete contents of your iPhoto Library.

Import Photos or Lightroom Catalog

Simply choose the images you want to import! I still strongly recommend that you opt for COPY and not ADD or MOVE. Choosing ADD will leave the image inside the iPhoto Library and now two different image programs will be making changes to the same file. Probably not a good idea. MOVE will extract the image from the iPhoto Library which could cause you problems the next time you open the library in iPhoto.

Thanks again for the tip Tom!

I believe this is new in Snow Leopard but if any of you recall this feature being available in Leopard or Tiger let me know.