Spotlight: Mark Wilson

profile-image-display.jspa.pngWelcome to a new feature at Lightroom Secrets called Spotlight. My intent is to introduce you to members of the Lightroom community who help us all get the most out of Lightroom. Photographers. Developers. Authors. I'll put them in the Spotlight so you can learn more about them and what they are up to!

Mark Wilson is a professional full-time Photographer. He spent some time in Massachusetts and is now back living and working in the U.K. His love for wildlife (birds in particular) and the outdoors is expressed masterfully through his photography. You can see some of his work at his website Rusticulos Images.

Here's a little of what Mark has to say about himself:

I have been waving a camera at things for most of my life and spent just as long being a bit of a computer geek - I wrote my first computer programme on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum at the tender age of 9!

After spending fifteen years working in the software industry, mainly providing data management consultancy services, I made the decision in 2006 that I wanted a change of lifestyle and to dedicate more time to photography.

Of course, old habits die hard and I still spend a little time working with technology. Except that now it is related to photography - setting up systems and workflow for teams of photographers, preparing standard keyword libraries, helping people to get the most from their digital images and creating small software programmes called plug-ins. Basically, making a photographer's life easier in the digital darkroom.

Mark has developed a number of tools. You can get more information about them and download the files at his website.

Nature LR creates a new metadata panel and helps you classify your nature and bird photography.

Export to Zip is an export plugin that lets you easily package up a number of images into a compressed zip file. I've found this one to be especially handy!

Keyword Lists. Mark has put together several sets of keyword lists ready to load.

  • British Birds
  • U.S. Birds
  • Western Palearctic Birds

These lists are also available for Bridge and Breezebrowser Pro.

Photo-drop LR is Mark's only commercial plugin. There is a trial download with some restrictions. Once you purchase a license those restrictions are removed.

Photo-drop LR allows you to directly interface your Lightroom catalog with . If you haven't yet discovered get on over there. It is a very simple real-time collaboration and presentation site. Multiple users can open a drop at the same time and their comments are instantly seen by the other users. While Mark's plugin provides an easy way to get your images into a drop, drops can also hold rich media and will play in the user's browser. There are interfaces to most popular social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc.

I had a chance to play around with Mark's Photo-drop LR plugin. It is very well crafted and works seamlessly. If you ever have a need to collaborate or get images to a client for comment and discussion then check out and download Mark's Lightroom plugin.

Thanks, Mark, for your excellent contributions to the community!

If you know of a member of the Lightroom community that should have the Spotlight turned their way let me know!