Lightroom 2.3 Release Candidate is Available

Lightroom 2.3 Release Candidate is now available at Adobe Labs! Go to for more information and to download the files. Support has been added for the Nikon D3X and the Olympus E-30.

Also added is language support for Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish. Adobe reports that the RC fixes the following bugs:

  • In the Windows 64-bit version of Lightroom an sFTP upload process could cause Lightroom to crash.
  • Slideshows could return to the first image randomly during playback.
  • A memory leak could cause Lightroom to crash while attempting to process files with local adjustments.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mk II sRAW files could process with artifacts in Lightroom 2.2.
  • Lightroom 2.2 could cause disc burning to fail for Windows customers.

In parallel, Adobe has released new betas for Camera Raw 5.3 and the DNG Converter 5.3. These are available at

Adobe's Release Candidates tend to be extremely stable so go ahead and try them out. LR 2.3 can co-exist with LR 2.2 on a Mac. PC users, however, need to be warned that 2.3 will replace 2.2 on their systems.