Lightroom's Identity Plate

If you've had a chance to play with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom then you've no doubt discovered that you can customize the interface with your own identity plate. Lightroom allows you to replace the default logo and name in the upper left corner with your own text or graphic identity plate.

That same Identity plate can be used in the Slideshow and Print modules to add a touch of customization to your presentations. But there is more to the identity plate than meets the eye!

In Photoshop, you can create custom borders or overlays that Lightroom can use in the Print module. Any area left transparent will let your photograph show through. For example, go to Photoshop and create a stylized black border. Leave the center area transparent and save the file. In Lightroom, go to the Print module. In the panels on the right you will see a section for Overlays. Check the identity plate checkbox. You can then use the drop down to locate your new border. Lightroom will bring it in (usually at a smaller size). Using the scale slider or the handles, resize the border to fit your image. The black border obscures the edge and the transparency lets your photo show through! THis also works in the Slideshow module.

Go ahead and experiment! Colored borders, marbled borders, even embossed copyright overlays will work! There's something new to find in Lightroom everyday!