The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC


Like any well used application, Lightroom has grown in features and complexity since it was first released. Whether you are new to Lightroom or a seasoned pro, it is important to have a well written guide to help you understand how it all fit together. Seán McCormack's latest book The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC is just such a guide. Seán has been involved with Lightroom since the beginning and is a great contributor to the Lightroom community. His contribution continues with this book.

I enjoyed reading The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC. Seán's personality shines through and you get the feeling of sitting down with a friend who is helping you learn Lightroom. He walks you through each part of Lightroom, step by step. Included are many sidebars with interesting information relevant to the topic at hand.

Especially useful is the information about Lightroom and the cloud. Lightroom has evolved from a local disk bound system to include mobile applications, a web interface, and a strong tie to Adobe's Creative Cloud. Seán takes special care to make sure you understand how all of this fits together.

There is also some very good coverage of third party utilities which showcase Lightroom's extensibility and power. And, even though Seán downplays his own Lightroom plugins, you should definitely take a look at them. They are useful and well written.

If there is anything negative to be said about this book it has to do with some of the illustrations. This is really a problem with the amount of information Lightroom presents in some of its panels and dialogs making it difficult to reproduce in print. Seán makes a good attempt to fit them in the book but some are just to small to be readable. This is not a problem if you are reading the eBook since it is easy to zoom in on the illustration. It is only an issue in the print version. However, these are few and easily dealt with.

The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC is a wonderful guide to Lightroom. Seán is an excellent writer and his photography is stunning (well worth the price of admission)!

Check out Seán's book at Rocky Nook. It's definitely worth your time. While you're at it stop by Sean's blog for some interesting Lightroom information.

ON1 Photo 10 - The Next Generation Is Almost Here!

ON1, Inc. has announced ON1 Photo 10, the next generation of its photo editing and effects app for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. Version 10 is a ground-up rework of Perfect Photo Suite 9, optimized for performance, stability and ease of use. Up to 4x faster than the previous version and requiring less memory to run, ON1 Photo 10 also includes an integrated mobile workflow, a modern user interface, and the essential ON1 photo editing tools photographers have come to love.

ON1 Photo 10’s enhancements include:

  • A significantly improved Effects module. Filters respond faster than ever before and presets are easier to find and apply. New preset categories have been added for popular photography genres, and include settings for color grading and haze reduction. The Perfect B&W module has been fully integrated into Effects, which lets you apply any filter—including the popular Dynamic Contrast effect—to your monochrome images. Lastly, you now have complete control over the organization of your presets and preset categories, making it easy to customize Effects to work the way you want.
  • Two-way syncing of photos between ON1 Photo 10 and mobile devices with our free Photo Via app for IOS. Photo Via lets you share albums, smart albums and folders of photos between your desktop and your iPad or iPhone using Dropbox or Google Drive. With Photo Via, you can search, rate and share photos easily from any iOS device, and have the metadata synced back to your desktop.
  • Better and faster workflow tools for working with faces in the Portrait module. Find facial features quicker, even with side views or faces at an angle. Portrait is faster and better than ever. The new way of working with facial features makes it easier to retouch the areas you care about.
  • Access to Resize from any module, which lets you use the photo enlargement features of Perfect Resize from any part of ON1 Photo 10. Sharpen, add a watermark, or create a gallery wrap when you want, without jumping to a different module.
  • Color and tone controls that make sense. Use Enhance’s exposure adjustments, better color controls, and improved highlight and shadow recovery to make your photos pop before taking them into other editing modules.
  • Browse’s new Smart Albums feature, which lets you put your most important photos —wherever they are—at your fingertips. You can even automatically publish your Smart Albums to your mobile device with Photo Via.
  • A new export feature, which automates the process of creating photos for printing and sharing. Take a single photo, or a group of photos, and create whatever size and file format you need. Combined with our improved batch processing options, we make it simple for you to print, share and manage your photos without undue complexity.
  • Throughout ON1 Photo 10, you will find an improved user experience, with more responsive sliders, tools that won't stick, and a user interface that is snappy, modern and easier to use. Most of ON1 Photo 10’s image processing algorithms utilize modern video cards (GPUs), providing better overall performance, a new sharing feature for posting photos directly to Facebook®, Twitter®, Messages®, Mail®, Flickr® and more.

About ON1 Photo 10

ON1 Photo 10 is a full-featured photo editor that works either as a plug-in editor to Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom CC, or as a standalone application. ON1’s open system allows access to your photos no matter where they are stored: your computer, your network, or on cloud-based storage services. We support all of the key online storage services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft’s OneDrive. ON1 Photo 10 works on both Mac OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10) and Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10), while Photo Via requires iOS 8. Version 10 supports Photoshop CC 2015, CC 2014, and CS6; Lightroom 6, 5, 4; Photoshop Elements 13, 12 and 11.

Availability and pricing

ON1 Photo 10 will be available late October 2015, and has an introductory price of $89.99. For a limited time, ON1 Photo 10 is bundled with exclusive extras which include: three months of the new ON1 Photo Magazine; “The Ultimate ON1 Photo 10 Training,” 10 in-depth video courses from Matt Kloskowski; and a family license pack good for five installations. 

Victoria Does It Again!

If you haven't heard of Victoria Bampton (a.k.a. The Lightroom Queen) then you need to get acquainted with her immediately! Victoria is one of those rare people who actually cares and helps whenever she can. She is a treasured member of the Lightroom community.

Whenever a new version of Lightroom comes out I wait with great anticipation for the newest version of Victoria's book The Missing FAQ. It's such an indispensable tool that I keep a copy on my desktop for quick and easy reference.'s that good!

Victoria brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and it shows on every page of The Missing FAQ. She has been helping Lightroom users since the beginning and really knows how to approach any situation you may be faced with in Lightroom.

You can see the attention to detail on every page. Complicated interfaces are explained thoroughly. Whenever you have a question about what some part of the Lightroom interface does Victoria will explain it in easy to understand terms.

There are many informative charts throughout the book that help you understand the logic behind Lightroom's workflow philosophy. You can also follow the red "Fast Track" arrows for a condensed tour of Lightroom if you are anxious to get up and running as quickly as you can.

Victoria takes the time to explain and illustrate different techniques and how the various sliders impact your images. Several parts of the book invite you to "try it with me" so you can learn these skills quickly.

The book is available as an eBook for $31.95 or an eBook and full color printed version combination for $46.95. Previous versions paperback copies were only available in black and white so this is another improvement. There are other sources (such as Amazon) but the best deal is directly from Victoria's site.

For me, Victoria's book is a key part of Lightroom. Adobe should just include it with every copy and pay her a handsome sum! You really need to take a look at The Missing FAQ and while you're at it sign up for Victoria's newsletter. You won't be disappointed.