Lightroom 4.0 Is Available NOW!

The Beta has been put to bed and Lightroom 4.0 is shipping!

Adobe reports that over 300,000 of you downloaded the Lightroom 4.0 Beta and showered them with tons of useful feedback. That's great! All of us in the Lightroom community contribute to making Lightroom a super application and the team at Adobe appreciate, and listen to, all of your comments, bug reports, and feature suggestions. With your help Adobe was able to identify and fix over 800 bugs for this release. Thanks for a fantastic beta!

The biggest news here (get the trumpets ready...) is that Lightroom is now available at the ridiculously low price of $149 for new users! If you are upgrading from ANY previous version of Lightroom or you are a student or teacher then your price is only $79! If you've been reluctant to get started with Lightroom because of the cost then your wait is over.

Just a few changes have been made since the Beta release:

  • Reverse geocoding is now available in the Map Module
  • Improved auto tone in the Develop Module
  • Temperature and Tint have increased ranges
  • Develop presets have been update
  • New presets for video
  • The maximum Blurb book size is now 240 pages

Here are some great resources to check out...

Dan Moughamian tells me he is putting the final touches on some tutorials so keep an eye on And, of course, don't forget to touch base with the Lightroom team itself over at Lightroom Journal.

In related news I am currently hard at work on a Lightroom 4.0 book. I don't have a hard release date from the publisher yet (probably because I'm still working on it LOL) but stay tuned for additional information.

Now get out there and put Lightroom 4.0 through its paces!