2012 Is Here! Are You Ready?

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012! Are you ready for a new year? Did you get everything accomplished in 2011 that you set out to do? If you are like most humans on the planet you probably have some things on your 2011 list that still need doing. One of the nice things about a new year is the fresh outlook we can apply to the upcoming twelve months. If we didn't get to everything on our list we can reassess and determine if they were really worth doing or if they should be brought forward to this year's list.

Here are some Lightroom suggestions to add to your 2012 list:

  • Update your watermarks and metadata presets. It's a new year. If you use the year in your copyright notices (i.e. Copyright © 2011) then remember to change the year to 2012 in all your presets and watermarks.
  • Make 2012 your keyword year. Make a commitment to keywording in 2012. Go through your current keywords. Make sure there aren't duplicates because of number or case. Look for things like cat, cats, Cats, etc. Keywords can really make your catalog function like a well-oiled machine! If you aren't familiar with the power of keywording start with Peter Krogh's excellent article on keywords at dpBestflow.
  • Review 2011. Take some time and review your images from 2011. Gather the best together into a collection. Consider sharing these on your social networking sites. Whether it's flickr, Facebook, Google+, 500px or… let the world see your work. Be proud of your accomplishments.
  • Get to know the Lightroom Community. Thanks for reading Lightroom Secrets! If you haven't yet had a chance take a look at some of the sites listed on the sidebar under Interesting Sites. Seán McCormack put together a great twitter list at http://www.pixiq.com/article/lightroom-twitter.
  • Learn, learn, learn. You can never learn enough about photography and Lightroom. Take a look at the Lightroom videos at Adobe TV. Check out the great free tips from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) at http://www.photoshopuser.com/lightroom (while you're at it why not consider joining NAPP?) Take some courses at Lynda.com. Play with Lightroom and learn all you can!
  • Try something new. Try a new processing technique in Lightroom. Try shooting a different way. If you never take night shots try that! If you never use the adjustment brushes then give them a try. There's bound to be something you can try in 2012. Have fun doing it and don't worry about the outcome. 100 terrible shots may lead to that masterpiece! You won't know unless you try.
  • Have fun! Always remember Rule 5. Don't take yourself too seriously. Experiment. Go on a photo walk or two. Join a local camera club or user group.

The new year is filled with bright and shining possibilities! But, we can only look back on the year positively if we take the initiative now. Time passes us by rather quickly. Don't wait for tomorrow or next month. Get out there now and capture those priceless images. Be positive. Be courageous. You won't regret it!